Sweet Escape

by Joby Hardwick

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This E.P is a collection of songs I've recorded over the last few months. Collating songs from over the last two years, inspired by the highs and lows we all experience day to day. However there is a focus on memory and introspection; the constant review of a personal focus or intent when interacting with other people, be it relationships, friendships or simply fornication.

I'd like to thank all those who make my music possible: Friends, family and former lovers.


released December 1, 2010

Written & performed by Joby Hardwick. Recorded by Sam Leahy. Artwork by Katrina Sesum. Artwork Design by Simon Hardwick.



all rights reserved


Joby Hardwick Heckmondwike, UK

Joby was born and raised in Yorkshire (just like really good bread). He has been writing for five years.

"Joby exudes tenderness in a new acoustic flavoured way. Dead beautiful singer-songwriter, gorgeous melodies and sensuous vocals. Definitely one for the ladies."

"As usual, beautiful songs, sung with the heart of a poet."
(Pete Long)
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Track Name: Car Bomb
No I won't wait for your call, its over
I can't be your solider, I don't need to win
Time heals the skin, that's all
Now I've seen you at your worse

So many have been thrown, this glass house is now made of stone
You cant dig up the sand with wholes in your hands, you should have been wiser
Time heals the skin, that's all
Your scars remind you of where you've been

This whole world keeps repeating itself
It will never learn, not even in the end
And just as you think this old music box is about to stop
It starts again
Track Name: Sweet Escape (Live)
Save me from this afternoon
Where work loads grow heavy
and I sink into coffee like a paper spoon

Save me and keep me for yourself
Before I become a figure disappearing in the shadows
Waiting for this day to end

I'll always have time for you

I'll always have time
Just know that your mine
I hope you have time for me
Track Name: See Me Now
When I was fourteen, I was fifteen, I was sixteen, I was eighteen and I knew far too much for my age
At the back of the class writing on my desk I scorned and scraped and scratched out my fait
For over in the corner was the lovely little daughter to whom I would tease out a taste
Then underneath these pastels I became the lonely rascal who used turpentine to was down his disgrace

Children up and down these halls with graze when they fall, still they grow and grow because they're over fed
And one day when their books are tired and over look they will stand up and turn away there heads
Yes she has a farther who wished she would be smarter she is beautiful and had a child instead
Now she looks across the sea and searches for a dream she can trade in here for a bench

Won't you please see me now

Is this our divorce as you shove me through the door in our fingers that tickle for the take
Of pears and poisoned trees and countless honey bees o' and human bones to prop up the fence
That lies between the garden of her house and stardom a collection of promises we've made
But don't be disheartened you'll soon get your pardon when you turn around and realise your mistake

Won't you please see me now
Now as I'm stopping by

It's not all doom and gloom there is beauty in the moon that temps tales of talismans and bread
And if you can find your fortune outside of your dorm room I will sake your hand and slight nod my head
Yes I have a favourite figure its her silhouette and the imprint she leaves on my bed
So I'll sleep under burning trees and through away my keys until a hand in my pocket is all that's left

Won't you please see me now
Now as I'm stopping by
Track Name: Eyes Shut Tight
You look out of your window into the night
Blinded by the lights of cars passing by
You keep your eyes shut tight

Your cough, it reminds you that your not well
You haven't slept for days, not from what you can tell
You keep your eyes shut tight

Whispers start as you walk in to a room
You can feel them there, stare at the back of you
You keep your eyes shut tight
Track Name: For Laura
Here is a seat, Won't you sit down next to me
And tell me I am Yours

But O' could it be, you're not here for me
Though I'm ready to be yours

I am ready but O' the ground is unsteady
Now I'm torn
I was made for you but you don't want me near

Please take this seat and have a cup of tea
And know that I am yours forever
Track Name: Waiting for a Former (Live)
When the storm comes in upon you sleeping
You wake to find your love is missing
The walls close in and your wounds open
You sit there unmoved still and listening

You love the one who leaves you and spend your days waiting for there return
Though you know they'll never need you, you spend your time here waiting

When time finds you waiting
It will take you by the hand and lay you down
If you had been the one to stop things moving
You could have saved a piece of your self

You love the one who leaves you and spend your days waiting for there return
Though you know they'll never need you, you spend your time here waiting